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Methyl ethyl ketone oxime emergency treatment and disposal methods
May 30, 2018

Emergency response

Rapidly evacuated personnel from leaking contaminated areas to safe areas, and isolated and strictly restricted access. Cut off the fire. It is recommended that emergency personnel wear self-contained positive pressure breathing apparatus and wear protective fire protection clothing. Do not touch the spill directly. Cut off sources of leakage as much as possible to prevent access to sewers, flood drains and other restricted spaces. A small amount of leakage: Adsorption or absorption with sand or other non-combustible materials. It can also be rinsed with plenty of water, diluted into the waste water system. A large number of leaks: construction of embankments or digging pits; covered with foam to reduce steam disasters. Use an explosion-proof pump to transfer to a tanker or dedicated collector. Recycling or transport to a waste disposal site for disposal.

Waste disposal methods: Incineration.

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