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CHINACOAT - A World-Class Coatings Show Held In Guangzhou On December 4-6, 2018
Nov 13, 2018

CHINACOAT has been organized since 1996 and now alternates its venue annually between the cities of Guangzhou and Shanghai, P.R. China. Last 2017 Shanghai show concluded with a total of 34,425 trade visitors from 88 countries/regions and 1,210 exhibitors from 34 countries/regions. Together they met on a gross exhibition area of over 86,000 sq.m. In 2018, CHINACOAT will return to Guangzhou where the global coatings community will meet once again!


CHINACOAT has been providing a cost-effective trading platform for exhibitors to expand customer base and strengthen brand recognition since 1996.


CHINACOAT allows exhibitors to build customer relationships and showcase technologies and innovative products to the industry on a global scale.


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